Name, Image and Likeness, enshrined on the blockchain.
Owned by athletes. Made possible by fans. This is Signing Day.
Currently only Men's and Women's athletes who made the NCAA Basketball tournament are sponsorable.
How it worksSeason One of Signing Day will experiment with a new sponsorship model for us - the fans, the bettors, the ones enjoying the action from our living rooms - to show our appreciation by directly sponsoring the athletes we are rooting for.Here's what you can expect from Signing Day over the course of the NCAA tournament:Sponsorship
Sponsor any Men’s or Women’s college basketball player who makes the tournament.

250 sponsorship NFTs available per athlete, with more released each weekend of the tournament.
Once the tournament ends, sponsored athletes who want to participate in Signing Day will begin the process to claim their sponsorship funds, including identity verification and signature collection.On Signing Day, the sponsorship NFTs of athletes who have chosen to participate will be stamped with a
digital autograph.
Any unclaimed sponsorship funds will be refunded or donated.